Borrowed from the boys

I don’t often write about menswear but I had to tell you about some great boys stuff coming to the high street from River Island and New Look. There are Crombie style coats, graphic print tees, giant man bags – yes red patent ones –and even yellow cardigans. I swear I saw the same mens yellow V-neck cardi at River Island AND New Look’s press previews. That makes it a trend, right? As men are getting more adventurous about fashion, so is the high street which is all the better for us. I need something more interesting to borrow than check shirts and woolly scarves.

Urban Retreat

Oh dear, a fire broke out in New Look yesterday demolishing the buiding. Thankfully it was the crappy Oxford Circus branch and not the Marble Arch flagship or worse, Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters has just added a new top floor solely for its designer labels. We’re talking the Gallic two – Paul and Joe Sister and Vanessa Bruno Athe, alongside Margiela 6 and oh-my-gosh, Tsumori Chisato. Not impressed? How about US label Opening Ceremony? Or white hot Swedish jeansters, Whyred? Come on pay day, I NEED new stuff!

Blog off

Who wants to be in a magazine? Well get your best outfit on and head to Carnaby Street! I don’t know if today was Dress Up Friday or what but Carnaby Street seemed to be swarming with people taking photos of other people in cool outfits and writing down their clothes. Maybe it’s the rise of the street-style blog (, but it seems any semi-fashionable bod is having their picture taken these days. I don’t mind but it kind of defeats the object. I want to see inspiring, individual dressers, not a bunch of people who look just like me!

Roll on pay day

It’s not pay day til Monday but that didn’t stop me going to Topshop this afternoon for a preview. I didn’t see the dress I wanted so saved £40 but saw lots of nick nacks which pleased me greatly. My pay day strategy involves appeasing myself with a small token gift or two. Perhaps a notebook, a keyring or a pair of socks (or all three). I get the same buzz as I would if I bought a Miu Miu bag, but I spend less money. I spotted the Iris Apfel book, Rare Bird Of Fashion (but it will be cheaper on Amazon), a Freedom plastic elastic rainbow-coloured bracelet for £4, and some adorable polka dot knickers next door at Miss Selfridge. What’s your pay day strategy?