Jewellery and junk

Just back from a west London jaunt. First stop, The Vintage Home Store (105 Churchfield Rd, W3). I love this shop – filled to the rafters with old wooden chairs, rustic quilts and vintage cookery books. And it’s off the beaten track too, so my little secret (until now). Then on to Ledbury Road where I spotted some dainty little charm necklaces in Aime and Paul & Joe. I couldn’t resist this sweet little bracelet in P & J by Lyie Van Rycke ( Not sure how it works though. It’s quite fragile so not ideal to get it wet but, once you’ve tied it on how the hell are you supposed to get it off? I hesitated for oh, two minutes before deciding to get it anyway.


My latest obsession – giant display perfume bottles. I want one for my flat! These are all from a German website – They are about 12″ tall but really I’m after double the size. The midlle ones is Liz Taylor’s Diamonds & Emeralds, it costs $1250…

This old thing

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and what a glorious sunny Sunday it was. I headed to Spitalfields to check out my new neighbourhood and yikes, how busy?!!! After a pit stop at Leon we made our way to Columbia Road market followed by Brick Lane. That area really is where the action is when it comes to vintage furniture and clothing. Caravan and Elemental in Lamb Street are top browsing haunts for homesy bits, while Rokit, Beyond Retro and Grand OFR always turn up rich vintage clothing pickings. I hit the jackpot at Grand OFR (91 Brick Lane/18 Hanbury Street) with a pair of vintage Made In USA (read: Hard To Find) high top Converse. These have the pointier toe that you don’t get any more and oh joy! They were in my size. £25 – yes please!! Added bonus – nice, helpful staff, not too busy and a shit hot book/magazine section.

I also finally made it to Labour & Wait (18 Cheshire Street, E2), the fabulous old school shop that sells olde worlde brooms, pots and pans, balls of string and suchlike. Things you already have but when you see them here, you just have to have them. It’s only open on Saturdays and Sundays so more an *inconvenience store* than a convenience store but, hey, totally worth it.