I’m a see-through plastic bag

What’s the deal with see-through plastic handbags? Lagerfeld did them at Chanel, so did Oscar de la Renta, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana. And they’re a firm favourite with magazines – “I know, let’s do a shoot with a see-through bag and all the bits and pieces inside it – it’ll look so great on the page!” The deal seems to be they’re aimed at the ultimate exhibitionist. What’s the upside of see-through bags? You can see all your stuff. What’s the downside? Er, you can see all your (messy, ugly, so-not-this-season) stuff. Doh! Even if you’re a rich label-whore whose bag-clutter is a roll-call of premium brands – Smythson notebook, Chloe organizer, Vertu phone, Luella sunglasses, yada, yada, yada, surely you’d rather keep your stuff low key and under wraps? Or maybe there’s something ironically chic about saying “I’m carrying expensive shit! Mug me!”

Image: www.vogue.co.uk

C’est geek c’est chic

I don’t like to gloat and I don’t like to line Luella’s pockets (I dunno why, she just annoys me) but…look what I bought! Functional yet quirky but not very practical because I know it’s going to get grubby within say 10 uses. But it’s nicely made and has lots of inside pockets to organise my stuff. See, I really am a geek! (Note, I didn’t get the charms, they cost extra…)

Footnotes part 2

I’m seeing lots of these ‘sockette’ thingys around all of a sudden. Skimpy and lacy mini socks that peep out from under a court shoe, they’re a micro trend in the making. Find them at www.tabio.com/uk (pic 1) and check out the Eley Kishimoto ones at www.sockspopuli.com (pic 2).

Foot notes part 1

The treadmill of autumn/winter press days is reaching its zenith which means only a few straggling shoe press days are left. So far the consensus is:
EXTREME SHOES CONTINUETH. While they’re not to my taste it’s good to have something so totally out there going on in high street footwear so rocking-horse wedges, chunky perspex heels and jumbo cone-heel ankle boots are still on the agenda going forward. (See top pic of Georgina Goodman for Evans. Hot huh?)

BALLET PUMPS. Who knew they would stick around for so long? The updated ballet pump has a more substantial sole and a high-shine patent finish at Carvela, an ankle strap at Shellys and a smattering of bronze sequins on satin at Barratts (pic 2, yup, Barratts has had an extreme makeover – watch out New Look).

WINKLE PICKERS. It’s easy to forget that back in the day (1984 to be precise) Shellys was THE destination for indie-girls seeking brothel creepers or winkle picker boots to go with their fake Boy bondage trousers from Kensingon Market. This autumn, dangerously pointy lace-ups are back in blue or black sparkles for boys while girls can get their indie fix from Bertie’s metallic lace up winkle pickers (pic 3) or Minna Parikka’s pink rockabilly crepe soled lace ups at Tatty Devine (pic 4).

RUBBER-SOLED boots and shoes. Started by Marc Jacobs last autumn, this has filtered down to Vagabond, TopShop and Camper (pic 5). Camper was never really my thing but the new collection is pretty damn hot tamale.

SOCK BOOTS. Umm, ankle boots with a foldover sock/legwarmer effect at the top. A bit pointless but kind of cute. At Shellys and Bertie.