Workwear and the new normal

The Flair Index Birkenstocks

Who is winning the WFH wardrobe wars so far? According to my Insta feed, it looks like Birkenstocks are in the lead. No surprise there as they straddle wellness wear and fashion rather nicely.

For Instagram’s minimalist set, the default uniform is Birkenstocks*, socks, (cashmere) joggers and an elevated knit or sweat. M Magazine’s Suzanne Koller (below 1) has been proudly sporting her Raey cashmere PJs and Birkenstocks combo on Insta, while Brittany Bathgate (below 2) is no stranger to a sweats and Birks uniform. (While everything else has stagnated, sweatpant sales are thriving.)

Meanwhile,Jennifer Alfano from The Flair Index (top) partners her Birkenstock Arizonas with a red pedi and grey marl, while the fabulous Linda V Wright (bottom) teams her own Crimson Cashmere knitwear with Superstitch jeans and Valentino Birkenstocks

Suzanne Koller
Brittany Bathgate Birkenstocks
Linda V Wright Birkenstocks

While we’re seeing a lot of talk about not bothering with make-up, I suspect we’ll see that changing as social-distancing drags on. As much as we think working from home means no one can see us, let’s not pretend the performative aspect of fashion has magically disappeared for the fashion set. It hasn’t, it’s just a different version of the same thing.

With Tik-Tok and Instagram ramping up visibility for stay-at-home influencers, and Zoom the video-conferencing tool of choice for WFH office-workers, we’ll find we still need to ‘show up’ for work. Fashion has always been a form of non-verbal communication, whether you’re out and about or dressing for yourself. Making an effort is a mark of self respect. For more thoughts, here’s NYT’s Vanessa Friedman on the subject of workwear and the new normal.

What are you wearing to work from home?

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGES: Brittany Bathgate, Suzanne Koller, Linda V Wright via Instagram
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