Who knew?

I’ve got a new style crush and it’s not a he or a she but… a boot. Yes, I’ve just found out that those funny western boots that are a bit like cowboy boots but without the cuban heel and pointy toe have got a proper name. My WhoWhatWearDaily.com newsletter tells me these beauties are called roper boots. And suddenly they’re everywhere.

Five reasons to love Roper boots:

1. They’re understated but when kicked about have that inherent cool quality that you don’t get from cowboy boots (too in-your-face) or biker boots (too this season).

2. They’re practical without being ugly and they’re a breeze to walk in, having originally been designed for rodeo events where running is as much a requirement as riding.

3. They’re a welcome change from Converse with jeans.

4. They fit in perfectly with my androgynous aesthetic.

5. They’re already available at Office (‘Foxy Horserider’ boots) for £85.

The downside? Everyone’s wearing them.

Pic: www.whowhatweardaily.com