What Rachel did next

WGSN reports that Rachel Zoe has started filming her own TV show set to launch later in 2008. La Zoe will star alongside her husband Rodger and an assortment of hangers-on in a documentary series that will show her building her ‘brand’ through magazines, celebrities, fashion companies and beauty companies.

Although Zoe is obviously jumping on the already-overloaded reality TV bandwagon, this is a show I badly want to see. Say what you like about her, at least she does have a talent and the show could give an interesting insight into the different sides of the industry. On the one hand, it makes me cringe when I see people exploiting themselves like this as you just know it will end in tears (albeit diamond-encrusted ones as she’ll clearly rake in the dollars), yet on the other hand, who wouldn’t do the same in her position? In a few years time, the reality TV bubble will have well and truly burst (I hope) so if there’s money to be made, it has to be now.