What’s in the bag?

Being a nosy thing, I’m obsessed with what people carry in their handbags. While googling www.bagladies.co.uk (a site selling £3000 crocodile skin bags if anyone’s interested) I happened upon another site, www.bagladies.nl. Oh gosh, this site is full of photos of people’s bags and their contents! Here’s what’s in mine:
Antoni & Alison purse used as camera case
Muji pens
Cutler & Gross sunglasses
Louis Vuitton mini-organiser
Cacharel heart purse
Eley Kishimoto clutch used as a make-up bag
Stila lip gloss
Hello Kitty work I-d card holder
While we’re on the subject, it appears the outsize bag trend has spawned something of a monster. For after throwing everything into it, another small bag is needed to contain those essential everyday items that otherwise get swallowed up. My brolly, magazine and make-up bag go in the jumbo tote (black patent Marc by MJ since you ask) while the phone, lip balm, pens and purse go in a small Coach shoulder bag for instant fumble-free access. Hmm, is this a clever conspiracy by the bag meisters I wonder?

What’s in your bag?