Wake Up Punk

Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood

“There are bits of the film that make me cringe, but they are there because I think they answer important questions. At the time, when I decided to burn all of that stuff, it was an obvious provocation to people and I expected to be attacked for doing it. People accused me of trying to get back at my father over our relationship.”

OK, I’m very much looking forward to this Joe Corré documentary, ‘Wake Up Punk’, slated for release later this year. In 2016, Corré (the son of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren) railed against the establishment and media for their cheesy celebration of punk’s 40th anniversary. As a radical reaction, he set fire to his personal archive of punk memorabilia, including clothing and Sex Pistols test pressings, which caused quite the public outcry.

I interviewed him at the time, a long read that’s well worth re-reading for his heartfelt thoughts on why ‘punk’ still resonates in British culture (and why he’s not OK with that). At the time, he mentioned that this documentary was being made, so we will hear more of his impassioned soundbites, along with input from his half-brother Ben (also great value) and mum Vivienne.

What became apparent then was what a chip off the old block he is. I’m a massive McClaren fan, for his pioneering (if disruptive) attitude and ‘pick n mix’ approach to creativity. Corré shares a similar provocative spirit. And he’s clearly torn between loyalty to Vivienne and acknowledging Malcolm’s genius.

“Within the film, I answer some of those questions and it makes me cringe because it is very deeply personal and I can’t think what it bloody has anything to do with anybody else,” he told WWD. “Why should I put that in a film? But at the same time, I understand why it is important to answer those questions.” Read more here.

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