Tavi-gate. Enough please!

When people attack fellow bloggers like Tavi or Susie Bubble, I know I shouldn’t wade in to fight their battles but as a blogger I feel involved too. I tried to comment on this article in today’s Independent, but couldn’t be bothered to register so I’ll say my piece here. The article claims there is a Tavi backlash because she wore a big hat in the front row of Dior couture. Yawn.

Firstly, Sarah McCullough, Selfridges’ creative concepts manager (an avid blog follower) said, “it’s mind-blowing that bloggers like Tavi are at the couture shows and being showered with all kinds of gifts. It has soured things a little bit for me.” My answer to this is, what is the difference between a blogger and a celebrity in the front row? To the couturier, it’s all publicity and they are in charge of who they invite to their show. Bloggers are getting the attention at the mo, of course the brands want in on it.

Next, a comment from Vogue.com’s Dolly Jones: “PRs plant stories with certain bloggers who are influential. Those have a ripple effect. It’s a really powerful selling tool.” PRs plant stories with magazines too. Again, to the PR it’s all marketing. For many, magazines and blogs now come under the same umbrella. And yes, there are bloggers who get blinded by the attention and freebies and lose their integrity but it’s a learning curve (I’ve been there). We learn with time and become immune to the flattery.

I have a feeling there are going to be even more bloggers in the front row this season, let’s hope we can all play nicely together!

UPDATE: 10th Feb 2010. Sarah from Selfridges who was quoted in the article has added this in the comments but I am publishing it here too:

Dear Disneyrollergirl,
I’m Sarah from Selfridges, thought I would let you know that I was misquoted in the article. The quote is word perfect apart from the last few words “it’s soured things for me”. I never said it, infact I am very pro-blogger. I use blogs like yours on a daily basis as part of my trend and culture research. Blogs have become more important to me than editorial over the past few years.I think Tavi really is mind blowing. I can understand the Colin McDowell arguement which examines the need for educated fashion journalism but I think blogs are an invaluable, authentic voice. I salute anyone who is brave enough to keep a blog and write with conviction and fervour. Long live the bloggers!

(Thanks Sarah and also to everyone else for all the brilliant comments! DRG)