Style Compare’s haul videos

After banging on a lot about haul videos a while ago, I haven’t really had the time to watch them. But I recently discovered Style Compare’s haul video section, StyleTV, where the clever retailer gave 10 top haulers £100 to spend on Style Compare and then invited them to vlog about what they bought. These are just three of the videos but I love how engaging and natural the haulers are on camera. Even if I don’t share their aesthetic, I still find these girls compelling to watch and can see how much their viewers relate to their taste and opinions…

Dina Tokio




The Persian Babe

I asked Johanna Payton, head of fashion at Style Compare what effect the haul videos had had on sales and ‘stickiness’ on the site. ” Since the launch of Style TV our visitors are spending an average of 37% more time on Style Compare and we’ve seen an increase of 31.94% in sales,” says Johanna. “We first featured fashion hauling at Style Compare because we could see the potential it has in a world where we’re becoming less influenced by celebrities & designers, and more inspired by real people wearing clothes we can afford. Blogging is well-established, and fulfilled a need for casual fashion commentary, but video content in general, and particularly fashion hauling, is even more accessible, easy to watch and totally informative because you get to see what the clothes look like on the people who have purchased them. The feedback to our fashion hauling section at Style TV has been overwhelming; as well as introducing new viewers to the phenomenon, we have also given the haulers a dedicated platform for the very first time.”