Rouge Dior Brillant: Goodbye lip gloss, hello pigmented lip oil

Rouge Dior Brillant lip gloss

If this is the future of lip gloss then please count me in. The new generation of hybrid balm-gloss-lipstick is a brilliant innovation and from those I’ve tried, I can’t see any downside.

I’ve talk about YSL’s Volupte Tint-In-Oil before; now here’s the Dior version, a new, improved take on its Rouge Dior Brillant lipgloss (£26.50).

There’s everything to love about these. There’s plenty of pigment, suspended in a good amount of oil, and the technology keeps both on your lips. Even when the lip colour gently fades, you’re left with moist, comfortable lips and you don’t get that urge to reapply lip balm. The press release for Rouge Dior Brillant describes this as a ‘fusion liquid balm’ and it also mentions a lip plumping ingredient that reactivates collagen production (although I can’t say this was particularly noticable).

Dior rouge Brilliant lip gloss

All the colours in this collection are gorgeous by the way – from the milky coral of Victoire and the genteel pink of Bonheur, to the intense red of 999. You can either go for the full monty high-pigment gloss, Natalie Portman style (she’s wearing 999 in the ad) or gently pat it in with a finger tip, which is of course, my preferred method. Ten out of ten to Dior.

Buy Rouge Dior Brillant at John Lewis, Harrods, Selfridges and nationwide…

Oh yes, and in other Dior news, I finally got to try the cult Creme Abricot, to sort out my serrated cuticles. I gave up looking for the fancy limited edition red packaging, and just went for classic white. In fact, I think I prefer this retro pot (unchanged since 1963). The cream is extremely rich and gloopy so you have to use it at night, which gives it more time to penetrate. Apparently it works for lips as well. So far, I’m liking it.

Dior Creme Abricot