Written in the stars

Personalised Valentine's gifts from Smythson

Just when did astrology get so fashionable? Let’s not question it. If you’re a fan, you’ll be interested to know about these personalisation gift ideas from two of my favourite luxury brands for Valentine’s Day (and beyond).

Smythson Written in the stars astrology signs

A couple of weeks ago I got to meet the fabulous Shelley von Strunckel at Smythson in Bond Street, where she gave a talk about astrology to introduce Smythson’s new collection of zodiac sign motifs. These motifs can be stamped on all manner of Smythson leather goodies and the service is complimentary on purchases over £175 in selected Smythson stores until Sunday. (After that, there will be a charge.)

I love the little prompt cards that Shelley wrote to help clueless lovers pick the right gift for their partner. Mine (Virgo) is spot on:

What they think they want: A Virgo’s taste is refined and recognisable, they stick to the tried and true. What they really want: The cleverest Virgo gift puts a new spin on something that’s become tradition.

Yup that’s me to a tee! Shelley is a former fashion buyer so we bonded over jewellery and designer chitchat and unbelievably, I didn’t once mention mercury retrograde (it’s a Virgo thing).

Chloe astrology sign charms

By complete coincidence (or alignment of the stars, perhaps?), Chloé has also teamed up with an uber-astrologer to launch its Valentine’s astrology jewellery. Its zodiac charms can be found in Chloé boutiques and as an extra gift, Susan Miller (of Astrologyzone fame) has written exclusive love horoscopes to unlock the characters behind each star sign.

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
IMAGES: Smythson; Disneyrollergirl; Chloé