On Pat McGrath Gold 001 and bold beauty

pat mcgrath makeup line

Much as I love my safe no make-up make-up, I can’t help feeling we’re about to transition into a more experimental and expressive time for beauty. As with fashion, I feel like we’ve overdone the classic minimalism and now we want some exciting colour and decoration to go with our proverbial white shirts and black cigarette pants.

The evidence is here, with the fanfare for Pat McGrath’s intriguing gold pigment. This multi-functioning product, called Gold 001 is the start of McGrath’s own brand which has already received plenty of attention despite us not knowing a huge amount about it. Add to this what Peter Philips is doing with his experimental space-age formulations at Dior and the explosion of high street makeup lines, not to mention the mainstream interest in innovation from Korea and Japan, and we should expect to see much more variety in representations of beauty.

Pat McGrath Gold 001 launches tomorrow in limited quantity. You can read more and add you name to the waiting list here.

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
IMAGE: Pat McGrath