Danish retailer Only launches interactive, shoppable fashion film

As with a still photo shoot, there are a number of elements that have to add up for a fashion film to get my tick of approval. The casting, the clothes and the narrative are important of course, but for moving image, the acting, music and cinematography are crucial. Danish retailer Only has created a compelling five minute film with all these elements executed to perfection. But the clever part is that ‘The Liberation’ also incorporates interactive storytelling as well as shoppable and social media functionality to make this a really game-changing marketing move. How long I wonder until this concept is flipped to make music videos instantly shoppable and sharable too?*

Watch the full video here and remember, you can click on the screen at any point to freeze frame, add an image to Pinterest or shop the film.

The film was created by Uncle Grey and directed by Christoffer Von Reis and tells the story of smalltown teen rebellion

Click the screen at any point to shop the film or add frame to Pinterest

Calls to action to help tell the story

*UPDATE: Looks like the shoppable music video has already arrived