My-Style Guide

For a mag hag like me, anything that has editorial content and some nice pics is a goer. I hoard the COS, Matches and Harvey Nichols Edit magazines as if they’re collectors editions of Vogue and can’t wait for b Store’s new b Magazine to launch during LFW. Since the latest My-Wardrobe Style Guide arrived two weeks ago it hasn’t left my desk. Not only is it packed with a breakdown of the new-season buys but there are pages of style advice from fashion editors and mini Q&As with emerging designers. Oh and a brilliant ‘how I’d wear it’ feature by the always-inspiring Katie from What Katie Wore.

Interestingly, My-Wardrobe’s Saran Curran revealed to me that she often has to justify the cost of producing the Style Guide to her investors as they don’t always see its benefit. Yet for an online store to produce a printed publication makes perfect business sense to me as it serves as a tangiable reminder of the brand as well as offering genuine shopping advice – and no small amount of encouragement.