The Motorola StarTAC revisited


Anyone for a retro mobile? Polaroids and Fujifilm Instax cameras are having a moment, and mobile phones could be next. I remember reading about the Motorola StarTAC in US Vogue in the mid-90s and being desperate for one – at the time they retailed for £1400. Fast forward a couple of decades and they’re all but extinct thanks to the all-singing-all-dancing beasts from Apple and Samsung.

But we live in nostalgic times when demand for retro gadgets is high, not to mention a wistful longing for the simple, phone-only life. Hence French company Lekki’s remodelled and recoloured StarTACs, currently retailing for €170. Any takers?

Mototola-startac-yellow 2
Motorola-startac-yellow 3