Gentlewoman style: Louis Vuitton cologne perfumes

Louis Vuitton cologne perfume

These new Louis Vuitton ‘colognes’ sound promising. There are three scents based on the California landscape and you can also buy these cute little cases if you’re into overpriced leather knick knacks (ahem – guilty!).

From top to bottom there’s Afternoon Swim (an effervescent cocktail of orange, mandarin and bergamot – and apparently a dupe for Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino), Cactus Garden (bergamont, cucumber and lemongrass notes) and Sun Song, a sweet-sour blend of orange blossom, lemon and musk. Created by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, these ‘cologne perfumes’ are eau de parfum strength so have better longevity than the average cologne.

Louis Vuitton cologne perfume Afternoon Swim
Louis Vuitton cologne perfume Cactus Garden
Louis Vuitton cologne perfume Sun Song

It’s interesting that Louis Vuitton has released such strongly non-gendered fragrances. I seem to recall when they launched their first perfumes three years ago, they said they wanted to keep women’s and men’s very separate, but I guess now they have had time to establish some signature scents for both gender, they can go full 21st century modern and do a gender-neutral line.

Personally, I prefer herby citruses and gentleman’s study-type smells to ‘feminine’ white florals. I respond better to ‘non-feminine’ branding as well (as in, less romantic and more graphic). The bottles are the same clever, minimalist vessels designed by Marc Newson, while the boxes and leather cases are a collab with artist Alex Israel. I confess I haven’t heard of him before, but they’re suitably sunny and contemporary, in keeping with Louis Vuitton’s arty aspirations.

Buy them here (£185 for 100ml or £280 for 200ml).

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
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