Lip service

I have lips on my mind today, in particular, lip balms and lip glosses. First, the good news. I was sent some Body Shop lip balm to try out and I’m pleased to say, it gets my tick of approval. It’s not because it was free, although that is admittedly a good thing since I have boycotted The Body Shop ever since it kept hiking up the price of its Body Butters. Nor is it that £3.98 of every £5 Tantalising Lip Butter (to give it its full name) sold goes to the MTV charity, Staying Alive Foundation which raises money for HIV and Aids awareness and prevention among young people. It’s not even because it has the most delicious fruity fragrance that I can’t quite put my finger on. (Mango? Passionfruit? Peach? A mega-mix of all three? No clue.) It’s the consistency I’m loving. I’m used to Carmex which is pretty wonderful when warmed in a pocket but nasty and dry when it’s cold. This one is smooth, creamy, non-greasy and, oh what’s that fancy word? Ah, hydrating! I should so be a beauty writer.

And now for the bad news. According to, Stila is in trouble! And that means trouble for me because Stila’s Lip Glaze in Fruit Punch is the only lip gloss I wear. I’ve read the comments on Fashionista, I agree that it’s over-priced and that stubborn bit of gloop left in the tube is a waste of money. But there isn’t another product that agrees with me in terms of colour and density. What the hell am I supposed to do?