Buy it now: Isabel Marant athleisure pants

Isabel Marant track pants

Back in the day it was a sin to be seen in what we called ‘Adidas two stripe’. Trainers, trackpants, socks – anything that alluded to Adidas or Nike but was procured from Woolworths, M&S, British Homes Stores, or anywhere else not an official Nike/Adidas/insert name of ‘designer’ sports brand here outlet was the biggest fashion crime of all.

Fast forward several decades and how things have changed. Trust Isabel Marant to jump on the ‘athleisure’ trend with this faithful homage to Adidas circa 1983 in sheeny primary-hued polyester with just-slouchy-enough cut and zip pocket detail. Add to the Shit Bloggers Wear file and look out for the copies-of-a copy from Maje, Zara, Asos et al…

Isabel Marant Etoile Patsy Sport Pant
Isabel Marant Etoile Patsy Sport pant

Buy your Isabel Marant Etoile Patsy Sport Pant at La Garconne, Selfridges and Farfetch.

And check out how we rolled in 1983 (>>>FWD to 1.57)

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
IMAGES: La Garconne