Front row read: The Price of Illusion

Joan Juliet Buck - The Price of Illusion

“After each show I ran backstage to say the same set of words in French or in English on-camera for Fashion TV. I had to think in heels fast and stick with first impressions. Brilliant. Génial. Ugly. Moche. Cool. Cool. Great. Génial. Lame. Débile. Fabulous. Génial. My vocabulary grew as pointed and tiny as my attention span. Génial. Génial. Débile. Génial.”

As the traditional print media industry slowly eats itself, we’re already filled with nostalgia for the good old days of pure, unbridled fabulosity. The luxury of time, the eccentric characters, the expense accounts. I’m expecting a tell-all of XXXL proportions from Joan Juliet Buck, whose memoir, The Price of Illusion on her days editing French Vogue arrives in March.

Here’s a teaser

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
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