First look at Ryan McGinley and Chloe Sevigny’s videos for Uniqlo (and some of the 330 knitwear colour options)


“I guess I would wear cashmere if I wanted to feel cozy and comfortable. Cashmere always makes you feel like you’re being hugged by maybe ten people, and it also makes you feel like you’re right next to a fireplace.” So coos Ryan McGinley in soothing tones in this slightly cheesy video for Uniqlo.

Scoffing aside I must admit I’m tempted by the cut and colours of these Uniqlo men’s cashmere knits*, which are part of the silk and cashmere line and come in 330 colour options. 

Do you wear Uniqlo cashmere knits? Are they as good as people say? And the 64 million dollar question, do they pill?

Uniqlo men’s cashmere V necks below, all $89.90 (currently available on the US site only)…
Uniqlo-cashmere-mens red

Uniqlo-cashmere-mens yellow

Uniqlo-cashmere-mens-purple 3

And here’s Chloe Sevigny doing her bit for Uniqlo womenswear…

*annoyingly only on the US site at the moment