Fashion week fluster

Oh yikes, LFW is almost upon us and I’m not nearly ready. Dammit, I’ve only just started genning up on New York fashion week (lots of rolled up trousers, sporty chic and girls in boys’ clothing so far), let alone working out my itineraries for the forthcoming week. To make matters worse, all my regular online reads have indepth fashion week coverage so not only do I have to try and keep up with the daily doses of info from,, Fashionista, Catwalk Queen et al, I now have to keep abreast of all the as-it-happens fashion feeds from the same sites as well as the new and (which has Kingdom of Style’s Michelle as contributor. Kudos!). I’m sure Ms Bubble will be out in force too, and I haven’t even mentioned the off-line Daily Rubbish newspaper, full of the kind of irreverant fashion fluff that floats my boat. Sheesh. Better start chasing up those tickets.