Dior beauty AW15: the highlights

Dior Beauty Cosmopolite aw15

This feels like a pivotal beauty moment for Dior, a sweet spot in which the beauty and fashion messages are perfectly aligned. With his first make-up collection, ‘Cosmopolite’ for Dior, Peter Philips has brought his finesse with colour and finish to meet Raf Simons’ gently retro-futuristic vision, resulting in products that are wearable but with a definite fashion edge in their colours and textures.

For autumn, the limited edition 5 Couleurs eye palettes are among the safest options yet I think the colour combos are stunning. ‘Exuberante’ (above) mixes a shiny gold powder shadow with bewitching metallic blues, coppery brown, a mocha nude and a blush pink. Actually, the pearlised gold isn’t as pigmented as it looks in the pan, (it’s an overspray) so the effect is a lot more subtle. “Eclectic’ is equally versatile – I love the khaki green and deep maroon which were really amped up on the catwalk but would look great blended down to almost nothing for day, offset with the lighter, softer shades. (Buy them HERE.)

Dior Addict Fluid Shadow is one of the season’s wow products. Magnetic, a silver pigmented fluid that goes on with a fine brush is not something I’d be brave enough to pull off as an all-over shadow but as a liquid lid-liner, it’s pretty cool. (Buy it HERE.)
Dior Addict Fluid shadow Magnetic

Onto the Diorblush Cheek Sticks. I love these. Every brand has a cheek stick now and my Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick was possibly my most-used product of the summer. So effortless. Dior’s version is more pigmented but they blend really well. There are three shades, Cosmopolite Coral, Cosmopolite Rosewood and Cosmopolite Pink (I have Rosewood) – all of them look gorgeous. (Buy them HERE.)

Finally, a special mention for the Dior Addict Hydragel Core lipsticks. Everyone got very excited about these at the press day. The bullet has a ‘hydra-gel’ core running through the CD monogram which dispenses an extra coat of moisturising ‘gel effect’ over the lipstick. I’ve been wearing Mutine (a coral-tinged pink) and I tell you, this stuff works! It’s not glossy, just beautifully irridescent. Peter Philips is very good at anything to do with natural-looking luminosity and iridescence and that’s what this is – a great, moisturising lipstick with a veil of shine. (Buy them HERE.)

Dior Addict lipsticks

Of course, just as things get good, there’s a major change at Dior. Philips’ BFF creative director Raf Simons has just announced his departure. Whether this means changes for Philips is too early to speculate, but I hope not, I feel like he’s just getting going.

Dior beauty Aw15


WORDS AND IMAGES: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl