Christmas came early…

There was I feeling all poorly and glum and sorry for myself and certainly not in any kind of festive spirit when bam, a bolt from the blue changed all that. Lovely Helen at LG Blog, a long-time commenter on here decided to gift me a spanking new LG netbook! Now as you know, I am really not computer-savvy at all – my first reaction was ‘what’s a ‘netbook?’ – but all she had to say was ‘it’s a lovely little thing – 9 inch screen, weighs about a kilo, very easy to travel with…’ and I turned my frown upside down faster than you can say ‘done deal’. As much as I love my MacBook, it’s bloody impractical as anything other than a stay-at-home computer. The MacBook weighs in at 2 kilos which is like carrying the September issue of US Vogue around with you. Not fun. The LG Netbook on the other hand is so feather-light it’s like carrying a copy of Grazia!*

When it arrived by special delivery a day later after much gushing and thanking and ‘are you sure?’ I was properly in jolly festive mode and super-excited. Dear D got it charging up while we went into town for the last day of Shop At Maison Bertaux’s closing down sale and when I returned it was all ready to play with. Despite D washing his hands of it proclaiming ‘You’re on your own now, I don’t know anything about PCs’, I got it working in a trice (who knew I had it in me?) and spent the evening blogging and emailing to my heart’s content. I’m really looking forward to putting this to the test properly when I get back into work mode in the new year – it will be perfect for London Fashion Week on-the-spot reporting/blogging.

Happy Holidays fellow bloggers!

*Ok, slight exaggeration