First look at Chanel Burlington Arcade – the beauty boutique

1 Chanel-Burlington-arcade-beauty-boutique-disneyrollergirl

Oh yikes, Christmas is only four days away and the cut-off for most online deliveries has pretty much passed. This article in the Evening Standard made me chuckle as I’m such a grumbler about the inconvenience of online shopping, it just isn’t quite there for me yet. So if you still have shopping to do, there’s no option than to hit the stores. And this is where Chanel Burlington Arcade comes in.

Burlington Arcade is quite the prettiest shopping arcade in London. There’s been a bit of a rebranding of it lately, it’s become more of a mini Bond Street, with luxury newcomers such as Barrie knitwear and Maison Michel (both owned by Chanel) moving in, and last Friday’s opening of the latest Chanel beauty boutique.

I think if you’re going to buy Chanel beauty, why not buy it from a Chanel store to get the full luxury experience? And this one is so nicely done with its witty wall reliefs and double-C window display (the Cs are made up of actual Chanel perfume bottles – well of course they are!). You can buy make-up, perfume and skincare here and there are two floors above which I imagine will be for private consultations etc once it’s fully opened…

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3 Chanel-Burlington-arcade-beauty-boutique-disneyrollergirl
4 Chanel-Burlington-arcade-beauty-boutique-disneyrollergirl
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Chanel, 54-55 Burlington Arcade, London, W1J 0LB