Mag wars

The debate regarding trad media vs online cotinues to rumble on. I swing both ways on this one – I need Fashionista and Grazia Daily for my hourly fashion fix and the glossies for the shoots and meatier articles. There will always be room for paper in my life so the news of two new magazine launches is welcome. Stylist, coming this autumn, is set to be a free UK weekly published by the same publishers as Shortlist and aimed at the ‘affluent ABC1 women in the 20-40 age bracket’ (i.e. the Grazia market – yikes, competition!). Meanwhile, Grazia launches its French edition on August 29th*. Ah, you French fashionistas, you don’t know what a treat you’re in for. Fantastique!


Idea Books – I die

Wow wee. I finally made it to the Idea Books pop-up shop at St Martins Lane hotel. If you know Dover Street Market, you’ll know Idea Books. It’s the vintage book/magazine bit on the ground floor that is always heaving with vintage mag porn of the Interview/Ritz/Vogue variety alongside lots of lovely rare fash-art book finds. So the pop-up shop in St Martins Lane is like a bigger, sexier, even more enviable version of that. Put it this way: I’d happily live there.

As an added bonus, the pop-up shop has been installed in collaboration with Vitsoe shelving. If you’re a shelving snob like me, that will mean something to you, if not you can get a close-up of the shelves (and some books) here.
Shopkeeper-on-duty and co-owner David, kindly indulged me in letting me take a few snaps for the blog, despite my rather clumsy attempt at small talk (sample quote: “your books are very expensive, do you have anything cheap?” Cringe.) Anyhoo, the shop is open until the end of the month – go check it out, you’ll die.

Prom power

Lovely Claudia who did work experience with me last year is in today’s Times magazine. Their reporter followed her and two other teenagers around at their school proms and published a feature in today’s supplement. Claudia also sent me this picture which wasn’t used but I absolutely love* – behold that rainbow of dresses! If I’d been in charge, this would have made the cover of the mag rather than boring old Brad Pitt.

I’m slightly resentful that we didn’t have proms in my day, God knows we had seen Grease enough times, we would have loved a prom. It’s also interesting that prom is only just being picked up by the mainstream UK media now. A few years ago when I worked on teen magazines, we would do a prom issue once a year and oh, what a production it was. We’d do the prom fashion shoot, the prom makeover, the prom beauty feature, the ‘Are you a Promzilla?’ quiz, the Win a Prom competition and on and on. But could we get decent prom dresses to use in the fashion shoots? No we could not, the only time you could get dressy dresses was at Christmas so we would cobble our features together out of whatever bits and pieces we could find. Here’s a message for high street retailers – prom is bloody massive, start exploiting it!

*Double click for full effect
[Pic: Louis Quail]