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On my radar: Outsiders Store

Outsiders Store Coal Drops Yard

I was wondering why no-one had invented a stylish multi-brand gorpcore store, then I realised – they have. While visiting the Debby Byford roller skating exhibition in Coal Drops Yard, I discovered Outsiders Store, a very cool curation of performance outerwear, practical headgear, Rotato socks, Gramicci rope sandals, Snow Peak camping kit, plus a variety of modern outdoorism books and magazines like Les Others and Go Out.

Outsiders Store magazines

Launched in 2017, with stores in Liverpool and London, Outsiders Store is led by general manager Nicholas Wyles and buyer Josh Rothery under the umbrella of Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports. With a non activity-specific lifestyle approach, it straddles the sweet spot between durable essentials and design desirables with style and finesse. As one wag on a menswear forum astutely pointed out, “there’s enough crampons and energy bars in there to make you feel you’re buying ‘kit’ and not just more clothes.”


Key to the appeal is the buying mix. The team are inspired by REI in the States and Globetrotter in Germany as well as small scale Japanese operations. With product for men and women, the gender neutrality of gorpcore speaks to the move against hyper-femininity in fashion. (Just consider it the new ‘athleisure’.) When you’re on a trail walk or scaling a mountain, you want clothes that protect you from the elements, not accentuate your curves. However, increasingly, the buyers are mindful that their lifestyle customers want hybrid products that work in cities as well as in camp sites. Hence the mix of versatile pieces by Patagonia and Carhartt WIP alongside Cotopaxi (upcycled polyester bags and jackets in colour configurations chosen by the makers), Montbell (everyday performance-wear with a ‘function is beauty’ philosophy) and Goldwin (Japanese technical and ski wear).

Read more here and here.
Outsiders Store Chaco sandals

CORRECTION: This post has been updated. Outsiders Store is not led by Dave Whitlaw as previously stated.

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Shop the post: Uniqlo x Theory

Uniqlo x Theory

I’ve been noticing Theory a bit more recently, with an eye on their basic trousers and knits particularly. I didn’t know Joe McKenna was styling their campaigns but now I do, I’m invested. (I found out via the #joemckenna hashtag on Insta; ‘following’ hashtags is a handy way to keep up with news on your favourite subjects.) Theory has also been on my radar lately since it cosied up more closely with its stable-mate Uniqlo. In London they’re sharing a new retail space in Regent Street, in the old Superdry building (next door to Burberry).

In tandem, the latest Uniqlo x Theory capsule collaboration* has just dropped. (more…)

The YouTube lifestyle sell-ebrities aren’t happy

Emma Chamberlain

“I just don’t like being famous. You’re lying to people to try to make them seem like you’re their friend for the sole purpose of selling things to them.”

This is a worthwhile read from Vox, on the tenuous career of YouTube influencers, of whom a minority make a profitable career from selling their lifestyle to followers, while the rest are burnt out, broke, cancelled and more. Read more here. (more…)

Highsnobiety’s Gatezero airport fashion store concept launches in Copenhagen

Gatezero CPH Copenhagen - airport fashion

“You could be at one of the best airports in the world and not be able to find a single brand that you normally shop at in the city you live in. For example, how is it possible that there’s no Aesop or Byredo? These are not niche brands anymore.”
David Fischer, Highsnobiety (more…)