Jaime Mon Carre – Hermes does street style

Hermes has launches a street style site and it’s a perfect lesson in how heritage luxury brands can engage with younger consumers. Fun, informative, interactive, engaging and beautiful, J’aime Mon Carre (‘I love my scarf’) uses jolie young things to demonstrate that an Hermes scarf is a versatile piece to stamp your style on.

Strictly speaking, it’s only ‘street style’ in look, as the models have been styled by Fran Burns (although I’m sure they only needed the odd tweak). No matter, the point is that the project changes the perception of the Hermes scarf and the Hermes brand itself. I hope they develop it further.

Pics: Matt Irwin/Hermes
UPDATE 21/Aug/10
Some of the comments on Cathy Horyn’s review of Jaime Mon Carre bemoaned the lack of older people on the site. To them I say, check out these snaps I took of an Hermes window display back in April. Equally charming I think…

Cerruti concept store

As a fan of bricks and mortar shopping, I like to see brands doing things differently and Cerruti has done something bold with its newly relaunched Paris flagship boutique. Embracing brands with a similar sensibility, it now sells Philip Treacy hats, Frédéric Malle home fragrances and Pinel & Pinel trunks alongside its luxury tailoring. This sort of curated concept store only works if the mix is perfectly realised. Too many obviously similar brands and the result is blah and even damaging, but a clever, unexpected mix can increase footfall and create a buzz.

Cerutti isn’t a brand I take notice of but I’d make a trip to the store just to check out how they’ve selected and merchandised the complementary brands. In fact, any store selling old-school, luxury luggage would get me through the door, particularly when it’s as fancy as this

Haul vloggers: the next target for fashion brands?

Is it me or is anyone else obsessed with haul videos? What’s a haul video? It’s a vlogging phenomenon whereby (mostly) teenagers shop at the mall then go home and video themselves talking through what they bought. And, er…that’s it. But this simple concept is taking America by storm. (more…)