Diesel does dayglo

Exciting news just in this week that my blog buddy Sophy Robson is doing the nails for Jeremy Scott at LFW. There is definitely a nail thing going on in London right now, and no event is complete without its nail artists in situ. Last week I was tempted down to the Diesel Flash for Fun launch (its glow in the dark collection that lands next month), not by free jeans and tees but by a free day-glo manicure courtesy of WAH Nails.

Not only were the nail artists sweet and super-creative (no French manicures here) but something about the whole shebang with the little toy-like plastic fans on the tables (to dry the nails) and general hubub made the event far friendlier than your average hifalutin fash bash. Well, that and the fact it was held at the Dalston Superstore.

In the basement you could see the clothes in action, glow-in-the-dark stitched jeans reminding me of Helmut Lang’s 1990s reflective dresses and trousers – *looks off wistfully into the middle distance* – anyone else remember these? But truly, the most fun was had upstairs where you couldn’t move for fash-bloggers – Isabelle O’Carroll, Fred Butler, Jaiden James and Rasharn Rva included. Honestly, the only fash-blogger missing was Miss Sophynails herself!

[Nails pics: WAH Nails]

Lip service

I have lips on my mind today, in particular, lip balms and lip glosses. First, the good news. I was sent some Body Shop lip balm to try out and I’m pleased to say, it gets my tick of approval. It’s not because it was free, although that is admittedly a good thing since I have boycotted The Body Shop ever since it kept hiking up the price of its Body Butters. Nor is it that £3.98 of every £5 Tantalising Lip Butter (to give it its full name) sold goes to the MTV charity, Staying Alive Foundation which raises money for HIV and Aids awareness and prevention among young people. It’s not even because it has the most delicious fruity fragrance that I can’t quite put my finger on. (Mango? Passionfruit? Peach? A mega-mix of all three? No clue.) It’s the consistency I’m loving. I’m used to Carmex which is pretty wonderful when warmed in a pocket but nasty and dry when it’s cold. This one is smooth, creamy, non-greasy and, oh what’s that fancy word? Ah, hydrating! I should so be a beauty writer.

And now for the bad news. According to, Stila is in trouble! And that means trouble for me because Stila’s Lip Glaze in Fruit Punch is the only lip gloss I wear. I’ve read the comments on Fashionista, I agree that it’s over-priced and that stubborn bit of gloop left in the tube is a waste of money. But there isn’t another product that agrees with me in terms of colour and density. What the hell am I supposed to do?

An interview with Miss Manicure, Sophy Robson

I met nail artist Sophy Robson at fashion week when I tried to get a photo of her beehive. Sadly the photos were terrible but we had a nice chat about nails and nail art. Later, she agreed to be interviewed…

How did you become a nail artist?
My love of hip hop and music inspired me to be more glam…

What inspires your work?
Making nails the focus without becoming ridiculous.

Favourite photographers to work with?
Solve Sundsbo, Mert & Marcus, Matt Irwin, Alasdair McLellan. Craig McDean was cool but I only worked with him once.

Favourite photographers you would like to work with?
Terry Richardson, David Lachapelle, Juergen Teller, Steven Meisel. I also love Camilla Akrans. Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin were the kings of nail photography but obviously I realise they are no longer with us…

Maddest shoot?
There have been tears, jokes, nudity! And lots and lots of waiting patiently and not so patiently involved over the years. Discussing pubic hair diamante decorations with Tom Ford is a memory I will cherish for ever. And a shoot for Harrods with David Bailey when the ring fell off the model’s finger into the pond in Regents Park. Funny afterwards but not at the time. I also worked for Rolex and was trying to do a perfect manicure in the Libyan desert on a plastic mat and a cardboard wall as my dressing room…

What nail look are you rocking right now?
I have long classic oval natural nails – I cannot wear polish when I am working every day. On my pedicure I have magenta purple.

Who makes the best nail polish?
Essie. I also love the colours of this brand Uslu Airlines but you can only buy it at Colette in Paris.

What’s your secret to a long-lasting manicure?
Prepping the nail plate and using good base and top coat – you can get away with any brand with correct application.

Should you match fingers and toes?
These days there are no rules to beauty….

Which model has the nicest nails?
Natasha Poly and Linda Evangelista.


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