Learning to love you more

Learning To Love You More is the brainchild of Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher. It’s a website comprising work made by the public in response to creative assignments set by July and Fletcher such as “Take a flash photo under your bed” and “Write your life story in less than a day”.

Here is the one I’m going to do: “Make an encouraging banner”

Think of something encouraging you often tell yourself. For example: Everything will be ok. Or: Don’t listen to them. Or: It’ll blow over. Now make a banner, making sure to follow these instructions:

1. Draw each letter of the sentence on a large piece of colored construction paper or big squares of fabric. One letter per piece. Draw them blocky so you can cut them out.
2. Cut them out.
3. Glue each one onto a piece of construction paper or fabric that is a contrasting color.
4. Then glue the edges of all the pieces of paper or fabric together to make a banner.
5. Hang the banner in a place where you or someone else might need some encouragement, for example, across your bathroom. Or between two trees so that you and your neighbors can receive encouragement from it. Or in a gas station.
6. Photograph the banner and upload it onto the site.

You can see examples of other people’s banners on the website here.

The Co-operative Building in Middlesbrough is curating an exhibition of completed assignments which opens on 25th July. If you want to take part (have a go, it’s fun!) you’ll need to submit your assignment by 20th June.