First look: Louis Vuitton London Maison

When I mentioned the opening of the Louis Vuitton UK flagship to D (aka Mr Disneyrollergirl) on Tuesday, he didn’t hide his disdain. “I’ve seen it. I passed it yesterday, it looks like something out of Dubai airport via Stanstead. Deeply tacky,” was his damning assessment. He may have curled his lip. (more…)

A list: what I love about The Gentlewoman

The Gentlewoman magazine (sister publication to Fantastic Man) has just been launched in London and goes on sale everywhere else next week. What I loved:

The name

The interview with Louise Gray on making lists (who doesn’t love a list? Or Louise Gray?)

David Sims’ portraits of Phoebe Philo with fag

Phoebe Philo has the Tim Noble and Sue Webster ‘Forever’ artwork in a hallway of the Celine HQ. And she loves KFC *high five*

The paper (and the smell)

The Self Service-y looking fashion shoot on shorts

The unstoppable Princess Julia

The incredible Jenny Holzer

The tips on gentlewomanly gift-giving

The Cartier watch on page 127

[Pic: The Gentlewoman]

Love this…

Marina & the Diamonds single artwork channel’s Warhol’s Interview magazine covers – now this is pop art literally!


(On a side note, wouldn’t it be amazing if a mag like Harper’s Bazaar could initiate illustrated covers by contemporary artists. Britney by Elizabeth Peyton? Now that I would buy.)