What’s the deal with Byredo make-up?

Byredo beauty make-up

Much excitement about the incoming Byredo make-up line. Famous for its much-copied candles and perfumes – the name comes from ‘By Redolence’ – the brand followed with luxury leather goods and accessories.

What makes the Byredo beauty line stand out from other make-up lines is its unapologetic creativity. It’s not pegged as just another millennial make-up line and in fact it has some pretty radical ideas. This all becomes clear when you realise that Isamaya Ffrench is the make-up artist and ‘collaborator’ on board to shape the product.

The young trailblazer (a former beauty director at Dazed and i-D) is an advocate for a no-rules approach, so her vision includes multi-use pigmented sticks in artist palette colours, a liquid liner, mascara and fifteen unexpected shades of lipstick.

Some of the early imagery coming through is suitably ‘futuristic’, while the packaging is perhaps more form than function, in keeping with the make-up-as-artistic-expression theme. (I’m very much into this pebble-like eyeshadow palette modelled by Byredo founder Ben Gorham, below.) So far, public reactions have been mostly about the non-ergonomic packaging. As much as I love these wonky tubes and pencils, they won’t slot neatly in a drawer. But hey, I guess that’s the perfect metaphor for standing out, not fitting in…

Byredo beauty Ben Gorham
Byredo make-up

Byredo make-up by Isamaya Ffrench

The Byredo make-up collection launches on October 1st. You can sign up here for more info.

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IMAGES: Byredo Make-up
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