Buy it now: Nostalgic sandals


Hello sunshine! Finally, the sweaters are boots are off and my toes can bask in the warmth of summer. Can there be a better feeling? To celebrate, I’ve cracked open the Church’s Henrika sandals that have been sat in a box for 2 months. That’s the problem with buying summer things in London, you’re never quite sure you’ll get to wear them. I’m all about nostalgic flat sandals this year and the Church’s are a brilliant buy. They need zero breaking in, just throw on the J Brands boyfriend jeans, buckle up and go…

Church’s sandals £239 (approx)
Churchs Henrika sandals

Margaret Howell’s crepe-soled beach sandals are a slightly chunkier alternative. These Italian-made sandals could look good with ankle socks and a vintage Liberty-print dress if you like the wind-swept Land Girls look…

Margaret Howell beach sandals, £375

Margaret Howell sandals £375

Also worth investigating are Salt-Water Originals, a classic flat sandal originally upcycled from the remnants of WW2 military boots by one Walter Hoy. The best bit about these is their waterproof sealant finish – ideal for British summers I’d say. (And at £49.50 you can’t sniff at the price either.) To offset the hippie-ish undertones, add drama with a deep-pigmented pedicure. I love classic fuchsias and reds on toes rather than weird blues, greens or purples.

Saltwater Originals sandals, £49.50
Salt Water Originals
Salt-Water Originals