Burberry’s personalised ponchos


It’s barely September and already Burberry Prorsum-esque blanket ponchos are all over the high street. How much faster can fashion get? Burberry has a card up its sleeve though, in the form of its monogramming service, which kicks off this week.

If you want your initials on a poncho Cara/Rosie-style (ahem, I think D.R.G. would look rather good on a poncho myself if you’re reading this Mr Bailey), you can order the service in store and online at Burberry.com. (Warning: it costs £200 for up to three characters.)

But while a monogrammed poncho is definitely a thing, there’s another monogramming option which I think is even nicer. Burberry is celebrating its heritage check cashmere scarves by offering a monogramming service on these as well. The effect is a bit more subtle, especially if  you can opt for the plain scarves instead of check. Plus the price for monograms is slightly more affordable too at £75. Any takers?

Burberry-monogram-scarf 2