Peroni Collaborazioni: The big reveal

Last week saw the unveiling of the final pieces from my Peroni Collaborazioni project. Jessica De Lotz’s bicycle bell ring/bracelet was beautifully quirky and it turns out both Maarten van der Horst and Shaun Samson made long, labour-intensive shirts – although they couldn’t have been more different.

Shaun Samson/Disneyrollergirl

Maarten van der Hoorst/Susie Bubble

Jessica de Lotz/Fashion Foie Gras

The focus of Shaun’s shirt was the incredible nine-layer silk devore that resulted in a fine, delicate fringe that everyone thought was hair! This was then made into three ‘tiers’ that combined to make the long tunic-length shirt. Clearly not one for mass production, but then this project was all about Italian style and our focus was on the artisanal, handmade elements of Italian luxury.

I didn’t manage to take any photos on the night which is a shame as the pics on the wall show some of the sketches and work in progress but actually, you can just watch the videos of the work in progress here. Instead, I’ve managed to cobble together some pics from Twitter, blogs and some official ones from Peroni…

Me and Shaun

Emily Johnson from Fashion Foie Gras and Jessica De Lotz
Emily Johnson Fashion Foie Gras and Jessica de Lotz

Jessica de Lotz and Susie Bubble
Susie Bubble Jessica de Lotz

Fred Butler and Lulu Kennedy

Thanks to Shaun Samson for being part of this enlightening project, to Peroni, LBi and to everyone who came down the launch!

[Images: Catwalk Queen, @ThatBrooke, @Osman_Ahmed_, B In The Making]

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  1. Lola says:

    I read all about this on the guardian the other day and got so excited, the article was a month old so I’m a little behind :/ Huge congrats! The designs look amazin’, you must be really proud! XX

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