Balenciaga Paris’s futuristic purse spray

Sometimes I’m drawn to a fragrance for its packaging rather than the scent inside. In fact, scratch that, usually I’m drawn to a fragrance for its bottle than its scent. A huge factice of Chanel No 5 sits above my desk even though I never ever wear the fragrance. Ditto Moschino Couture with its gold heart stopper and velvet necktie.

Balenciaga sent me its new purse spray which is a thing of sheer beauty. Its a weighty column of futuristic-looking ‘zamak‘, which sounds completely made up (is Balenciaga inventing its own materials now?) but is, apparently, a precious material. And it was delivered with a hand written note – alas, not from Nicolas but still… And the scent? Violety, sherbety, sweet but a little bit sharp.

The bottle

The inspiration

Balenciaga Paris 15ml purse spray with two 15ml refills, £60.00

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