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Have you missed me?

Sorry for the protracted absence. I’ve been moving house and have been without internet for 2 weeks! And I’m too tight to pay to use it. I have however just found a local pub with free wi-fi so I’m frantically checking my 200+ emails and blogging as fast as I can before my laptop runs out of power. Normal services should be resumed shortly. In the meantime, here’s something I prepared earlier…

Well stone me. There was I, browsing the art bookshops of Charing Cross Road and what did I stumble upon? Only the book that I thought was but a mere figment of my imagination. Tim Walker, a photographer whose bonkers indoor-outdoor settings always makes me smile, who creates surreal assemblages and colourful fairytale-like fashion shoots for Vogue has at last published a book! Well, not quite. He actually has an exhibition on at this very moment in Hanover, Germany called ‘I Love Pictures!’ The book is the accompanying catalogue that goes with the exhibition and has somehow found its way to Koenig Books in Charing Cross Road. The exciting bit is that the exhibition is still on at the Kestnergersellschaft gallery until 4th November 2007*. Do I dare wish that the exhibition might make it to London?

*Eek, that’s today. Sorry German Tim Walker fans, I should’ve posted this sooner!

Never mind the photographers, what about the stylists?

I’m a complete sucker for art and photography books (and am very proud of the Bruce Weber ‘Branded Youth’ book I received for my birthday from D – total gobsmacking surprise) but have been wondering why no-one’s done a book celebrating stylists? In my ideal book there would be a profile on my favourite stylists (Venetia Scott, Joe McKenna, Lucinda Chambers, Caroline Baker), alongside pictures of their work, maybe an interview with them and I’d love, love, love to see what their house looks like (although you can see Venetia Scott’s in the current UK Vogue, and very nice it is too).

Well, some of this has been addressed in Sarah Mower’s book, Stylists: The Interpreters of Fashion which comes out on 30th October. Featured stylists include Paul Cavaco, Grace Coddington, Carine Roitfeld, Venetia Scott (yay!) so it should be a goodun.

Another book that is reportedly in the pipeline is one by Alex Michon who was the unsung heroine responsible for The Clash’s styling and quite possibly the person to thank for our unending passion for all things military and punk. Not safety-pins-through-noses punk, but the heartbreaking androgyny of army surplus, boilersuits, overcoats, berets and the like. Michon is apparently working on a book about her time with The Clash and I am hoping to interview her for this blog in the not-too-distant future.

My Lovely Jean

On the subject of biker chic, I was rather taken by these cotton fleece and denim biker jackets at the London Fashion Week exhibition. They are both by My Lovely Jean, a new label from the same stable as American Retro and Zoes Tees. No London stockists as yet but as they’re not due instore til February 08, I’ll do some detective work and report back nearer the time.

Update! My Lovely Jean will be stocked by Asos.com for ss08!

Is it time for turn-up jeans again?

I must say, I felt terribly pleased with myself a few months ago when I unearthed a barely-worn pair of (ahem) Hobbs biker boots circa 2003 from the forgotten depths of my wardrobe. It made a welcome change from the Converse-and-jeans rut I’d unwittingly got myself into. When you spend your days haring around London from one appointment to another in all sorts of weather you can’t really cut it in 4-inch Chloe heels.

Biker boots feel fantastically practical and protective, yet rebelliously cool at the same time. What I have noticed is I’ve been turning up my (straight-legged Nudie) jeans oh-so-slightly in order to show off the buckle, as without that essential detail I could be wearing any old generic work boot. Which makes me wonder, as the biker girl look takes off – witness all the leather jackets and biker boots in magazines and stores from Gap to Burberry –will we see a return to turn-up jeans? Last time we had the turn-up trend it was all about showing off the selvedge seam on your limited edition, uber-rare Japanese denim jeans, and the time before that it was the eighties-copies-the-fifties look channelling Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

As someone who will always champion the androgynous look over anything overtly sexy, I reckon this one’s a goer. After the boyfriend jeans and the high-waisted flare, let’s welcome back the straight-leg turn-up. Keep the turn-up small to elongate the leg and as with any masculine-inspired look, remember to factor in loose, flowy hair, a generous application of eyeliner and a good swipe of lipgloss.