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Booty call

I must truly be in tune with the zeitgeist as I have been thinking about desert boots recently. I don’t know where the thought came from but I’ve been feeling it’s time for a desert boot revival and now would be the time to bring them back as they only really work with a cigarette leg a la Paul Weller circa The Jam.

And what did I see at the Shoe Studio press day? Not only desert boots but Pied a Terre metallic ones in smooth-n-shiny silver and gold (plus black patent for the less adventurous). Tres Helmut lang, no?…but sadly not available til August.

What’s in the bag?

Being a nosy thing, I’m obsessed with what people carry in their handbags. While googling www.bagladies.co.uk (a site selling £3000 crocodile skin bags if anyone’s interested) I happened upon another site, www.bagladies.nl. Oh gosh, this site is full of photos of people’s bags and their contents! Here’s what’s in mine:
Antoni & Alison purse used as camera case
Muji pens
Cutler & Gross sunglasses
Louis Vuitton mini-organiser
Cacharel heart purse
Eley Kishimoto clutch used as a make-up bag
Stila lip gloss
Hello Kitty work I-d card holder
While we’re on the subject, it appears the outsize bag trend has spawned something of a monster. For after throwing everything into it, another small bag is needed to contain those essential everyday items that otherwise get swallowed up. My brolly, magazine and make-up bag go in the jumbo tote (black patent Marc by MJ since you ask) while the phone, lip balm, pens and purse go in a small Coach shoulder bag for instant fumble-free access. Hmm, is this a clever conspiracy by the bag meisters I wonder?

What’s in your bag?

Eye spy

What’s worse than sunglasses in clubs? Losing a pair of sunglasses in a club. Ok, the club in question was Secret Sundaze last Sunday which has an outdoor terrace, very Ibiza DC10 with euro-chic ravers a-plenty and barely enough room to swing a mouse. I wore my vintage-off-Ebay Rayban aviators but took them off for a sojourn inside. And where did I put them? Dangling from my jeans front pocket. Doh! Sure enough when I came out again they were nowhere to be found. Cue forlornly searching the ground which is by now a raging sea of Converse and wedges and not even a broken shard of lense to be seen. The strange thing was everyone I looked at was wearing Raybans, MY Rayban aviators I kid you not. So I decided not to mourn and quickly came to terms with my loss.

But which way now? Certainly not the Wayfarer (white or otherwise) – too victimy. Oversized Hollywood-chic? Too 2006. Balanciaga’s robot shades? No thanks, I don’t work in a science lab. I’m feeling a pull towards Oliver Goldsmith’s bespoke sunnies. They have the all-important credible heritage (Goldsmith supplied the Sinatras, Hepburns and Stones of yesteryear) and you can choose all the components yourself. The clincher? You can also have your name on them so if you lose them they might even find their way back to you.

Retro rehash

If I was the entrepreneurial type I could make a killing by thinking ahead and cashing in on the various retro revivals that are now par for the course. The 90s revival is the next logical step so I could surely make a fortune rehashing minimalism, Britpop and…hang on a sec, just what did the 90s stand for? Minimalism, yes I guess that didn’t really exist before but Britpop? That in itself was a rehash of the 60s (Oasis/Beatles) and 70s (Blur/Jam/Madness) was it not? What else did the 90s give us? Celebrity culture? Bling? Well, I said I wasn’t the entrepreneurial type but I think there is a germ of an idea there somewhere.