THE DRG STYLE INDEX: Shinola, Hanro, New Balance, Agnes B, Nudie

Here’s the latest weekly DRG STYLE INDEX ranking, a round-up of the brands currently buzzing on my radar…

Nudie Jeans Repair Shop arrives in New York
I love my American denim, but when I was into skinny jeans, I wore nothing but Nudies. It has the best super-dark denim and a thoughtful approach to manufacturing and sustainability. Nudie has just opened its latest Nudie Jeans Repair Shop in New York (more…)

Beautiful freaks: Iain R Webb on clubs, counter culture and unbridled creativity

Iain R Webb

The wonderful Iain R Webb, award-winning fashion writer and author of the book As Seen In BLITZ, sent me a whole essay in answer to an email I sent him a few months ago when I was after a few lines to use for a quote for an article. I decided it was too good not to share in its entirety, so he said I could publish it here. Read and be inspired…

IAIN R WEBB writes…
In the summer of 1980 I left St Martins School of Art, having studied fashion design, first in my class. Within a week I was last in the dole queue. (more…)

Muji – the regeneration

Muji New York Flagship on 5th Avenue

Before Uniqlo there was Muji, an emporium of well-made Japanese utilitarian basics where I religiously stocked up on winter camisoles (until they tweaked the ones I loves and I defected to HeatTech). Over the years Muji’s clothing offer has been sidelined by the might of Uniqlo, but it’s fighting back with its New York super store. (more…)