Delvaux luxury handbags arrive at Selfridges

New in at Selfridges this month, the arrival of Belgian handbag brand, Delvaux. The oldest fine leather luxury house in the world (est 1829), Delvaux’ stealth-luxe bags slot neatly into the space between bourgeois heritage and modern minimalism. My kind of bag through and through. While there are some softer, slouchy totes in the range, Selfridges has focused on the more traditional shapes, giving some a new twist with exclusive two-tone colourways. (more…)

Coming soon: Moschino’s Gennarino iPhone cover

If I was made of tamer stuff I’d have an iPhone by now. I must be the only fashion person still persevering with my BlackBerry Torch but I’ve never been one for peer pressure. BlackBerrys are easier for emailing which is mostly what I use mine for, although I do feel a bit left out of the Instagram club. Ah well, I think I have enough social media streams to manage. (Anyway, maybe one day, we’ll get a Blackberry-iPhone hybrid.)

If you have an iPhone and a childish inclination towards kitsch plastic, you’ll love Moschino’s new iPhone cover. The Gennarino bear cover comes in brown, yellow or pink and lands in September…

Harrods’ Disney Christmas

Further to yesterday’s Chanel post on the subject of the ‘Disneyfication’ of luxury retail;  I hear that Harrods will be Disney-themed this Christmas. Swarovski was the brand partner last year and this year promises another fantasy-filled extravaganza beyond our wildest dreams. Think windows displaying one-off gowns for Disney princesses by the likes of Valentino and Versace, a fourth-floor Disney pop-up boutique, plus a special focus on Disney’s Cinderella to tie in with the global high-def launch of the animated Cinderella on Blueray.

In our modern cross-pollinating world, this is the perfect way for film, fashion and retail to collide to benefit all parties. (And somewhere in the mix there must be a magazine media partner ready and waiting with an Aurasma app to tie it all together. Harper’s Bazaar perhaps?) Disney has upped its fashion collabs considerably recently. I loved the Mawi jewellery, and the Cinderella Louboutins sound promising. Of course, I’m still holding out for a Louis Vuitton Disney collab. It’s got to happen soon, hasn’t it?

[Image: Valentino for Disney]