Mick Karn

Musician Mick Karn is seriously ill. His song, Senstitive is one of my favourite tunes ever. If you love his music and want to help his family, you can donate money via his website. If you know any radio DJs, get them playing this to boost his PRS (Performing Rights society) payments…

Go buy…Kurt Geiger sunglasses

It’s June! And it’s sunny! Reason to celebrate with some new sunnies, surely?

I’m amassing quite the sunglasses wardrobe with a current tally of…five.

One black beatnik-y Cutler & Gross, one Cutler & Gross mirrored aviator, one Polaroid aviator, two black beatnik-y Calvin Kleins… hmmm, can you see a pattern here?

Ok, so I must give a shout-out to the new Kurt Geiger sunnies. I have tried on the whole collection and each and every one’s a winner. They’re made in Italy by Cutler & Gross, which will explain the £140-£180 price tag but I think they’re worth it. Go buy!