A shaded view

This may be the season for ‘funglasses’ but I’m still stubbornly sticking to the classics (exception: the Margiela Incognitos which I’m still longing for). On sale at 12pm today (UK time) you’ll find these lovelies by Tom Ford and Gucci at Cocosa.com. The Tom Fords are one of my top picks for this week as guest editor – for my other picks click here*…

Tom Ford £89

Gucci, £69

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Fantasy hybrid: FitFlop meets brothel creeper

I have heard so much about the benefits of FitFlops that when I was offered a free trial, I couldn’t say no. I can’t get on with toe posts so I opted for a sandal style FitFlop that reminded me of those Reef Brazils in the 90s.

The shoes are certainly extremely comfortable. The problem is, in order to enjoy their workout benefits, you need to wear them for proper outside-the-house walking, not just shuffling from one room to another – they’re not slippers. However, therein lies the problem – they’re just so aesthetically displeasing, there’s no way I could be seen dead in them. Solution? I propose a fantasy hybrid. I don’t see why we can’t marry the technology of a FitFlop with the design of something cool like a brothel creeper. You have the chunkiness of the sole right there, just add a pointy upper, some snazzy detailing and you’re good to go. How about it Marcia?



UPDATE: Marcia Kilgore replied! Read the comments for Marcia’s feedback…