AW10 trend report: Hermes press day highlights

So Jean-Paul Gaultier is out at Hermes and Christophe Lemaire is in. I can’t wait to see what Lemaire does, I think he did a brilliant job at Lacoste. Here’s a glimpse of accessories from Gaultier’s final Autumn-Winter collection for Hermes (Lemaire’s first collection will be AW11)…

The poshest slipper-socks you’ll ever see

Fact: No-one makes a better riding boot

Belts for gloves? Naturellement!

Furry shoes are a major AW10 trend. MAJOR!

The Catenina bag – Hermes’ ‘stealth evening bag’
So Black – a new capsule range of bags with all-black hardware. Limited edition. ETA July/August… ARE YOU READING THIS VICKY BECKHAM?

The Constance in pink satin – my favourite
There was also a super-elegant long black cashmere and leather scarf with pockets (but annoying, the photo has gone walkies). Just the thing for covering up a minimalist black tie outfit and storing a Marlboro Light or two for those inevitable outdoor fag breaks

Quote of the day

“As a designer, you make the clothes and put them out there and then they have to exist on their own. I learned long ago that people would come backstage after my show and tell me what was going on, and I should not bother with correcting them, because what really mattered was their experience. Once clothes are in a shop, it really doesn’t matter what a designer was thinking; it doesn’t make a coat a better coat because it was inspired by turn-of-the-century England”
Marc Jacobs in the FT

First look: Louis Vuitton London Maison

When I mentioned the opening of the Louis Vuitton UK flagship to D (aka Mr Disneyrollergirl) on Tuesday, he didn’t hide his disdain. “I’ve seen it. I passed it yesterday, it looks like something out of Dubai airport via Stanstead. Deeply tacky,” was his damning assessment. He may have curled his lip. (more…)