A list: what I love about The Gentlewoman

The Gentlewoman magazine (sister publication to Fantastic Man) has just been launched in London and goes on sale everywhere else next week. What I loved:

The name

The interview with Louise Gray on making lists (who doesn’t love a list? Or Louise Gray?)

David Sims’ portraits of Phoebe Philo with fag

Phoebe Philo has the Tim Noble and Sue Webster ‘Forever’ artwork in a hallway of the Celine HQ. And she loves KFC *high five*

The paper (and the smell)

The Self Service-y looking fashion shoot on shorts

The unstoppable Princess Julia

The incredible Jenny Holzer

The tips on gentlewomanly gift-giving

The Cartier watch on page 127

[Pic: The Gentlewoman]

Untitled by Maison Martin Margiela

When I requested a sample of the new (and only) Maison Martin Margiela fragrance, I expected a bottle of scent and a press release, possibly packaged in an anonymous white box. I didn’t expect this…
The bottle of scent was present and the packaging was suitable Margiela – white utilitarian drawstring pochette and white linen carrier bag. But also present was a big white accordion file containing all sorts of geek-friendly ephemera. A technical drawing of the bottle (well it was designed by Fabien Baron), a joint interview with Baron and Maison Martin Margiela, God knows how many CVs, photos and explanatory notes on Maison Martin Margiela and my favourite – some silver foil discs that are destined for the drawer marked ‘Interesting Collage-y Stuff For Scrapbook’.

The bottle, as expected, is a work of pure, minimalist art. A nice weighty clear glass affair with a faux stopper and string tie for an added utilitarian touch (and you just know there would have been fifty meetings to discuss the string alone). And the fragrance itself? Clean and green…and quite addictive. PS, boys can wear it too…

In good Company

There’s nothing I like more than a new magazine. Everyone and his wife is waiting for the launch of Gentlewoman (which arrives at Franks in London today and everywhere else next week), but in the hoo-hah, don’t overlook the new Company High-Street Edit. Company magazine is a mainstream women’s mag aimed at the twenty-something market in the UK. When I heard about its new bi-annual High-Street Edit, I envisaged something akin to Elle Collections. The truth is, it’s much more than just the catwalk collections interpreted. There are main fashion shoots (including one by the fab Chiara Romagnoli), customising ideas, a feature on bloggers and a shoot styled and modelled by Company magazine’s interns. The best thing is, in its 132 Nylon-esque matt pages there are hardly any ads!

Oh, did I say there was a feature on bloggers? Company included Liberty London Girl, Style Bubble, Ripped Knees and ahem, me, in its feature on fashion bloggers. Although it was edited a tiny bit (I swear I never used the phrase ‘style icon’), I completely forgive them because they had illustrator Tommy Pang create this absolutely darling little illustration of Disneyrollergirl. I wish I looked like this!

Here’s the article (double-click to read):

Sorry I’m late…

Sheesh, I really do need a new watch. The Liberty/Merci collab landed in London last week but tsk, I’m only just posting about it now. Ah well, better late than never.

In a new take on the pop-up shop, London’s Liberty and Paris’ Merci collaborated on an exclusive line using Liberty’s spriggy florals and then did a swap shop. The Paris version launched during Paris Fashion Week, while London’s Carnaby Street wing gets the Merci treatment until 29th March. One of the key things about the line is it’s affordable to everyone. You can buy everything from mugs to make-up bags, to little children’s bikinis to envelopes (envelopes!). The stationery fiend in me got very excited about these and also about the little rolls of Liberty-print ‘Washi’ masking tape. There are also dresses and kaftans for women, supersized cushions and everyone’s favourites, the mini suitcases…

Love the utilitarian merchandising clashing with the genteel florals

I was very taken with the stencilled storage boxes

Too damn cute!

Liberty print envelopes = stroke of genius