Canape-watch at The BFC NEWGEN winners announcement

A delightfully British spread was laid on for guests at the announcement of the BFC NEWGEN sponsorship winners at Somerset House. A proper cream tea feast awaited us on a table groaning with crustless cucumber sandwiches, home-made lemonade and a particularly fine mini scone.

Info gleaned:
NEWGEN sponsor TopShop is collaborating with ‘a renowned image-maker’ on a short fashion film!

Louise Gray’s laptop is as arty as her dresses!

Feathers PR Violaine has a new haircut!

Henry Holland’s flight was delayed meaning a no-show for Henry!

One of the designers had a mini-strop!

For the serious NEWGEN news, go here

Who was there first, Phoebe or me?

I’m just as excited as everyone else at the unveiling of the new Celine resort collection as imagined by Phoebe Philo. The mannish camel coat, the sky blue tuxedo pants, the ankle-freezer khakis, they all have my name on. I’m keen to see more of the bags though. Is it a coincidence that the camel coat boasts exactly the same shade of Rich Tea biscuit as the vintage Celine bag I bought from Rellik a couple of years ago? Just call me an early adopter…