The Sartorialist for Barneys?

An interesting article on Scott Schuman AKA The Sartorialist in the Times magazine last Saturday. The bit I liked most? This bit:

‘To launch the Sartorialist book there will be a pop-up shop in Barneys New York (“The Sartorialust,” he says, “selling great accessories that really define a look. A great watch, great pyjamas, great suspenders…”)’ – although Fashionista points out that this hasn’t actually been confirmed yet. Still, it does tie in nicely with my retail experience fantasy of stores having specially-curated areas by guest ‘buyers’, so if it does happen at Barneys, maybe it would happen in other stores…

The Rock And Roll Public Library

This is turning out to be a week of scrapbook-mania, moodboard-making and ephemera-loving! Firstly, I decided to make some fashiony moodboards for my own pleasure so have started with the fun bit – namely deciding on themes and sorting all my relevant scraps into piles. To aid the creative flow, dear D came home this evening with a Waterstones carrier bag tucked under his arm. Therein was the Satchmo book, a present for us to share which is even better than I expected. Pages and pages of cut-out photos, hand rendered type and yellowing tape artfully arranged into beautiful, personal collages that tell the story of Louis Armstrong’s life. As if that wasn’t ‘WOW’ enough, an email just pinged in my inbox from PR pal R about The Rock And Roll Public Library.

This is an exhibition that opened today featuring a lifetime’s collecting of pop culture and ephemera by West London cool dude Mick Jones (otherwise known as iconic guitarist and songwriter from The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite and Carbon Silicon). Jones has collected and archived all his Clash-related videos, magazines, stage clothes, artwork and instruments as well as more personal letters and artefacts amassed in his studio over the last three (or even four) decades. The exhibition is on show for a month but Jones has longer term aims for the collection. “Ultimately I’d like to have a permanent place to exhibit the whole collection like a museum, like a library where you can come and see the stuff and maybe get a copy or sit there and read it. I also would like to bring artists there because it’s history really,” he said. It’s on until 18th April and I can’t wait to go!

Read more about The Rock and Roll Public Library…

Lovin’ it: Yang Du

As much I appreciate our excellent designers for their new-found commerciality, I still get a frisson when I see something truly madcap, yet in a fun way.

When I first clocked Yang Du’s wonderfully witty knitwear I just thought, I need to know more about her. What kind of a person dreams up giant animal-shaped jumpers in shaggy fun-furry textures? As Yang doesn’t have a website, Susie Bubble gave me her email address so I made contact that way. I was hoping she would show at London Fashion Week but it wasn’t meant to be, however the next best thing is Yang sent me these new pics of her A/W 09 collection entitled “Buda and Pest”, photographed by Bella Howard. Forget bodycon dresses and eighties rehashed power-dressing, who wouldn’t want to wear a strawberry-shaped hat or knitted flowers?

An interview with Miss Manicure, Sophy Robson

I met nail artist Sophy Robson at fashion week when I tried to get a photo of her beehive. Sadly the photos were terrible but we had a nice chat about nails and nail art. Later, she agreed to be interviewed…

How did you become a nail artist?
My love of hip hop and music inspired me to be more glam…

What inspires your work?
Making nails the focus without becoming ridiculous.

Favourite photographers to work with?
Solve Sundsbo, Mert & Marcus, Matt Irwin, Alasdair McLellan. Craig McDean was cool but I only worked with him once.

Favourite photographers you would like to work with?
Terry Richardson, David Lachapelle, Juergen Teller, Steven Meisel. I also love Camilla Akrans. Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin were the kings of nail photography but obviously I realise they are no longer with us…

Maddest shoot?
There have been tears, jokes, nudity! And lots and lots of waiting patiently and not so patiently involved over the years. Discussing pubic hair diamante decorations with Tom Ford is a memory I will cherish for ever. And a shoot for Harrods with David Bailey when the ring fell off the model’s finger into the pond in Regents Park. Funny afterwards but not at the time. I also worked for Rolex and was trying to do a perfect manicure in the Libyan desert on a plastic mat and a cardboard wall as my dressing room…

What nail look are you rocking right now?
I have long classic oval natural nails – I cannot wear polish when I am working every day. On my pedicure I have magenta purple.

Who makes the best nail polish?
Essie. I also love the colours of this brand Uslu Airlines but you can only buy it at Colette in Paris.

What’s your secret to a long-lasting manicure?
Prepping the nail plate and using good base and top coat – you can get away with any brand with correct application.

Should you match fingers and toes?
These days there are no rules to beauty….

Which model has the nicest nails?
Natasha Poly and Linda Evangelista.


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