Tim Walker: the book!

Accompanying the Tim Walker exhibition will be this book. At £75* it’s not cheap but wait, it has 320 pages of weird and wonderful Walkerness! That’s twice as many pages as the other Tim Walker book I have…sigh. Now, would it be too crazy to organise a flash mob of balloon-clutching Walkerettes for the opening party?

*Correction: it’s £70

Tim Walker LIVE!

Oh my God, oh my God, I feel literally faint with excitement! Thanks to props/accessory designer Fred Butler, I have just found out that the Tim Walker ‘I Love pictures’ exhibition is finally landing in London at the Design Museum from 9th May-7th September. I can only begin to imagine how they will design the exhibition as obviously Walker’s shoots themselves are prop and set-heavy extravaganzas. If you love his theatrical British-eccentric aesthetic then you’re in for a proper treat.

Pics from http://www.thomastreuhaft.com/Tim_Walker/tw.html

Don’t touch the hair

Could the silk headscarf, the trademark of our very own Queen really be a serious contender for hot new headwear trend? It was used liberally in the A/W D&G show and I spotted two Fendi silk scarves at the Urban Outfitters press day (yes – Fendi at Urban Outfitters, who knew!). All it needs is for Mary-Kate Olsen to give it a spin – well she did with the Prada turban and this rather dubious puffy Marc Jacobs headband, go on MK, I dare you!