YSL Edition Unisex

Back in July when I pondered over adopting some of the SS09 menswear looks for my own personal use, I had no idea that Stefano Pilati was thinking along the same lines. However, an interview with Pilati in US Vogue’s November issue introduces YSL’s new Edition Unisex collection. Apparently, those selfsame suits, jackets, blousons and sweaters in organza, gazar, voile and crepe de chine (not to mention a scattering of gold sequins) have landed – scaled down of course – in the YSL womenswear stores. Great thinking Mr Pilati. It’s the kind of move I wish Hedi Slimane had made years ago when we were all lusting after his Dior Homme skinny-cut jackets and pants. Not that I can afford YSL or Dior Homme prices but maybe someone (Topman?) might take notice and do something similar for us paupers…?

PIC: US Vogue/The fashion Spot

UPDATED January 13th 2009: The Times has written about the concept here

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14 Responses to YSL Edition Unisex

  1. Sal says:

    Not generally a unisex fan, but those two looks are truly amazing. I’ll hope right along with you that these styles might filter down to the high street.

  2. Sal says:

    By the way, might I hop on your blogroll? Had you in mine for ages …

  3. Rollergirl says:

    Hey Sal, sure but it will take a while. I have a mental block with doing any adjustments to the blog – I still haven’t figured out how to do a Disneyrollergirl email address – Doh! Will def do it at some point though. Thanks for adding me to yours:) If anyone else wants to be added let me know, it might spur me on!

  4. enc says:

    That’s a superb idea.

  5. emma says:

    check out the new issue some time…

  6. Nathalia says:

    I love the unisexlook! so lovely:)

  7. Make Do Style says:

    Ah yes I agree it is so hard to get these gorg YSL sharp cuts sans money so, someone needs to deliver such looks as you say for us paupers!

  8. * Fashion Dreamer * says:

    I’m not usually a unisex fan, BUT those looks are gorgeous. Let’s pray that someone (Topshop) pays close attention to the goings on at YSL


    nice looks!

  10. Iheartfashion says:

    I love these!

  11. Theresa says:

    I like the look, especially the all blue one on the right.

  12. SOS! says:

    I love the idea of unisex. Especially now that we’re wearing men’s blazers and boyfriend jeans and such, brands might as well have a line of unisex to make everyone happy! I love the tailoring of Pilato..he’s a genius.

    xx-LJ from SOS!

  13. susie_bubble says:

    A great decision…especially with the fabric choices….

  14. Nil says:

    That was my fav style on Vogue last month. It has the 20’s 50’s and also a futuristic style in it. I’m sure we’ll see lot more of this style forthcoming days.

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