What’s worth buying from the Versace X H&M collaboration?

Rather handily, the H&M press day had a couple of rails neatly arrayed with the Versace X H&M collection. I managed to inspect right up close with the Lumix and guess what? Some of the pieces aren’t half bad. I tend to sidestep high street clothes as I don’t really do fast fashion – I like things to last. So my high street shopping is mostly limited to Cos, American Apparel, Topshop, Whistles …and that’s about it. But there were some pretty good quality pieces on the Versace for H&M rail that I admit I didn’t expect to find for the price…

This leather studded dress is definitely worth £179.99 as the leather is super-soft and the seams properly aligned (the PR assured me this wasn’t just a lone perfect sample)

I was also mighty impressed with the studded biker jacket – at £179.99 it’s a great cut, the leather feels and looks luxe and it’s not too much of a one-season wonder

The other pieces that caught my eye for their better-than-expected quality…

Cropped bomber jacket

Men’s crocodile print jeans *paging Henry Holland*

Love the classic cut of this knit top – very Anna Wintour en vacances, no?

I think we all agree that a wardrobe of these suit carriers would be worth queuing for…

The collection goes on sale on Thursday and the rules for shopping are here. What will you be buying?

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2 Responses to What’s worth buying from the Versace X H&M collaboration?

  1. Lola says:

    There is SO much I love from the collection. The studded jacket, pleated skirt (i especially love the metal capped detailing at the end of the pleat) but because of the “one item” rule I have limited myself to two items; floral corset and matching leggings (having swayed a friend to buy one too, a little cheeky!). Love hearing what you think of the collection, this is the first time I am buying stuff from a high st-designer collab, I am normally a little wary because I always feel that in terms of quality, it isn’t any different to high st but because of the designer stamp placed on it, it’s okay to sell it for 4 x the price but this collection has impressed me xxx

  2. I really want the knit top (and not just because you said it’s very Anna) but I’m not sure it’s worth all the hassle of lining up in the cold just for a top that’s probably £19.99…

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