Winter warmers

Friday morning, trend-hunting in Portobello. Overriding the vintage haberdashery and leg-of-mutton Victoriana is fur, fur and more fur. Coats, capes, hats, tippets – you name it, there it is in all its mink, fox or rabbit glory.

“Why so much fur?” I wondered aloud. “It’s probably just, like, popular?” offered one stall-holder – approximate age, 13 – after a moment’s thought. No kidding. “It’s the cold,” suggested another, heavily swaddled in coats, scarves and gloves. “It’s the Russians,” observed a third, “you get a lot of Russian girls and they’re into the vintage furs.” Who knows the truth but we’re definitely in for a fur-wrapped winter.

[Pic: Grey Gardens]

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11 Responses to Winter warmers

  1. WendyB says:

    I like that everyone volunteered an answer!

  2. That's Not My Age says:

    Love that image – where's it from?

  3. Make Do Style says:

    Good investigation!

  4. Rollergirl says:

    Hi That's Not My Age, the pic's from the film, Grey Gardens

  5. Girlie | Digital Room says:

    Haven't heard of the film Grey Garden. What's the film all about?

  6. A La Mode says:

    I love the picture! and was just about to say it reminded me of Edith Bouvier Beale and it is!!! I LOVE grey gardens. That's how I will end up, I am positive, haha xxx

  7. miss milki says:

    LOL! " its probably just like popular" ! Hilarious! :)

    Saying that I've been thinking alot about fur myself lately, I don't have any moral objections if its vintage but I'm not sure I'd be able to pull it off…but then again if its so popular…! :)

  8. enc says:

    I've always found fur beautiful to look at, but I've never wanted to wear it myself. My grandmother did it very well.

  9. My New Favourite Thing says:

    Edie Beale is my style icon! Fur and turbans and all.

  10. That's Not My Age says:

    Oh I thought it was Grey Gardens – fantastic film – but don't recall the fur coats

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